Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a driver over 25 and the excess is $2000 for each and every claim
  • An additional $500 excess applies if the driver is between 21 and 25 years
  • An additional $1000 excess applies if the driver  has held a licence for less than 6 mths
NOTE: that if you have travel insurance you may already be covered for the rental car hire excess.
All Discount Rentals Queenstown rental vehicles are covered by standard full motor vehicle insurance. The daily rate quoted includes full insurance, with an excess of $2000 for drivers over 25 years. This means that in the event of an accident or damages the maximum amount that the hirer is liable for is $2,000. IMPORTANT NOTE: Operating the vehicle outside of the law invalidates any insurance coverage. ALSO NOTE: if you have travel insurance you may already be covered for the rental car hire excess.
Please contact us on 0800 16 17 16 For all Non-Mechanical breakdowns you are liable. Non-mechanical breakdowns include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Running out of fuel.
  • Refilling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel (eg. using diesel instead of petrol).
  • Damage to wheels and/or tyres, including puncture or blown out tyres.
  • Losing the keys or locking them inside the vehicle.
  • Having a flat battery due to the ignition or lights being left on.
  • A breakdown as a result of damage caused in an accident, including salvage.
At the time of vehicle collection we review the hire contract with you, validate your drivers licence and then once you have signed the contract you can drive away.
Payment is expected prior to or at the time of collection of the vehicle. Repeat business customers are able to set up an account and will receive an invoice.
For a particular vehicle the rate may differ depending on seasonal demand, availability and length of hire.